Have you ever tried to compete against yourself.

Small Beginnings Again

About thirty years ago Kaye and I started making Pure and Natural Jam and Pickles on our farm in Nelson New Zealand. People liked what we were doing and pretty soon we had other Farmers growing and making products to my recipes'. People liked this even better so the Supermarkets asked if they could stock it in their warehouse and supply their stores throughout the country. This we did, other non farming manufacturers could not compete as we harvested the fruit or vegetables when they were in prime condition for manufacture. No need to add pectin, acids or chemicals to preserve it as everything needed was naturally in the mix. We grew to be a market leader with 20% of the market selling 200,000 pots per month. My plan was to "jump the ditch" and come to live in Australia and do the same here. Unfortunately another Jam manufacturer got together with some of his mates and hatched a plan to get control on my Anathoth brand and prevent me from ever competing again. The deception and fraud did not become apparent until it was too late for my wife and I to survive the onslaught. On my 65th birthday Kaye and I made Townsville, Australia our home. Early next year 2018 we will become Australian Citizens following my Great Great Grandfather John Taylor Pope to the tropics 129 years later. J.T. was a Post Master and taught morse to the early settlers, he is buried at Irvinebank. When we arrived in Queensland we started making Jam and pickles and selling them at the Townsville markets. Now we have many satisfied customers and it gives me an interest in my retirement, not that us baby-boomers will ever retire. I think it is worth a try you may even like it, Regards, Owen Pope.